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Your Engagement Session

Hello! So glad you’re here! This post is all about the first half of our relationship together. Before we plan your wedding photography, we’ll have to plan your engagement session. The first question that every couple who has been together for a long time asks me, is “Do we really need an engagement session?” The answer is an overwhelming, “Yes!” Everybody needs an engagement session. I really can’t say it better than the Knot did right here.

Before Your Session
So here’s what we’ll do! First, we’ll meet for a consultation at my East Granby showroom. If you aren’t from the area, we can do a Google Hangout. Once you hire me, it will almost be like we’re dating!! We’re going to be be talking all the time! I hope you’re okay with that, because I love it! This is my passion. Then we’ll email lots to figure out the best spot and theme for your engagement session!

Your Session
This session is going to be all about what you, as a couple, love! We can go to a vineyard, a fair, the beach, whatever YOU love to do! What is your favorite season? Do you love summer the best? What about the beautiful colors of fall? Are you winter people? How about when the flowers just begin to bloom in the spring? You’re going to be able to choose multiple outfits! I can help you with too! Again, your wedding attire – spectacular. But, you know, you don’t just walk around in your gown on a daily basis. Your engagement photos will all be different. You’ll be able to trick people into thinking you just have all these gorgeous images of you that you’ve been collecting over the years! Lastly, and this is a BIGGIE! You know how once the time finally comes for something fun and important, you start stressing about your hair and makeup? Well, not for this day! This day is all stress-free and you’re going to feel stunning! You know why? It’s because I’m getting you set up with a hair and make-up artist! That’s right. How cool is this sounding?!! (p.s. Click those links!)

After Your Session
After your session, we’ll meet up again. For this meeting, it’s usually best to meet at your home. Here’s the thing with your engagement pictures: you’re going to want to display them EVERYWHERE! You’ll want some wedding photos on your walls and on your tables, too. But, your engagement photos – now those are pretty special. These celebrate your upcoming marriage as well as what you have done as a couple. I’ll help you choose the right images to go in your guest book. I’ll also help you figure out which images will look best in different spots in your home. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help with this. Typically, couples display wedding pictures in two or three spots in their home. (And don’t worry – I’ll help with this when the time comes too!) As a general rule, engagement pictures are displayed in the living room, in the bedroom, in the home office, in the family room and in the hallways. I can help you figure out which images compliment each other on the table or on a wall, and I know which sizes really fit the room we’re in. I’ll also be able to suggest different types of wall art for your images. There are so many more options than what you can find on consumer sites!

Prints and Products
Speaking of consumer sites, please read Amanda Jackson’s blog post about pharmacy labs. Without getting into too much detail (white balance, color profiles, UV protection, pixels, yadda yadda) the way those labs work is that they auto-“correct” the entire color of the image based on what their computers think your skin color is. ?? Wait. What? Huh? Does that not make sense to you? It doesn’t make sense to me, either. But that’s what they do. When I print your images for you, you’re getting your images the way I meant for them to be seen.  You’re spending a lot of money on your engagement and wedding photography.  I strongly recommend that you purchase your prints from a professional lab so that your photographs show the true beauty of your wedding day and your engagement session.

Your whole engagement period is a special time. I’m going to make the photography part an experience you will never forget.

One last thing!  Do you want to make sure you see every engagement post as I publish it?  It’s a great way to get ideas about locations, poses that you love and just to see pretty pictures!  Click here!


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