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Aperture {DSLR Coaching}

Hey everybody! Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’re also a member of my coaching group. Join for FREE DSLR tips and for private or group coaching. You can join the group HERE. We talk about all things related to DSLRs and mirrorless cameras! Whether you shoot on auto or manual settings, if you want to learn more about manual settings, this is the place for you!

Speaking of the group, did you all see the most recent live video I posted? Here it is, replayed!

Since aperture and f stop seem to be discussions that come up frequently in the group, I wanted to write another blog post to explain further and to demonstrate.

So here’s how it came about. Mr. MbM was out, and the kids asked for pizza. I said yes. (Thanks for delivering, Domino’s!) Then they asked to watch a family movie. I said yes. They picked Wizard of Oz. Yay! Then they asked for a treat. I said yes! 🙂 Together we made trail mix. But then, I wouldn’t let them eat it… yet! I thought of all of you, and wanted to take some pictures to share with you.

As you know by now, you control aperture settings for two reasons. One, you will change your f stop to let in more or less light. But that is usually secondary. The usual primary reason for adjusting the f stop is to increase or decrease the plane that is in focus. Or, in other words, how much “blur” you’re seeing! For each of these images, I focused on the purple egg. You will see that the “blur” (mainly behind) the eggs changes. I wasn’t standing in the exact same spot and I didn’t use a tripod, so it isn’t perfect. But, you’ll definitely get the idea. You’ll also notice that I increased the ISO in the second and third images. As I closed down on my ap, I was letting less light in, so I needed to compensate by increasing my iso.

I hope this post helps. Please let me know in the comments section if you enjoyed this post and if you learned anything. Please feel free to ask any questions! Also, please join the group and consider joining me at a workshop! The next one will be on May 27.

iso 640, ss 200, f/2.8

iso 2500, ss 200, f/7.1

iso 6400, ss 200, f/14

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